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Trek Bicycles!

Trek Emonda SL 8 Dura-Ace
Trek Emonda SL 8 Dura-Ace - 2015

Trek's Emonda SL 8 is an incredibly light bike that rides incredibly well.… [more]

  Trek Madone 2.1 C
Trek Madone 2.1 C - 2014

The legendary Madone is now available in aluminum! Built with their… [more]

  Trek Domane 6 Series Frameset
Trek Domane 6 Series Frameset - 2014

Trek's Domane Frameset was in secret development for three years. Then,… [more]

Trek Lush 29 - Women's
Trek Lush 29 - Women's - 2014

When Trek's Lush 29, the trail, and you are all flowing in harmony, it's… [more]

  Trek 7.4 FX
Trek 7.4 FX - 2015

Light. Sporty. Lively. Trek's 7.4 FX is perfect for getting in shape or… [more]

  Trek X-Caliber 8 (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek X-Caliber 8 (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Jump front wheel-first into the off-road world aboard Trek's X-Caliber 8.… [more]

Trek Madone 5.2 C
Trek Madone 5.2 C - 2014

Trek's Madone 5 Series is a feature-packed, race-ready platform with an… [more]

  Trek Madone 7 Series Frameset
Trek Madone 7 Series Frameset - 2015

The absolute pinnacle of aerodynamics, weight, technology, performance and… [more]

  Trek KRX - Kids
Trek KRX - Kids - 2015

Small in stature, and big in heart — just like your little boy or girl.… [more]

Trek Slash 7 650B/27.5
Trek Slash 7 650B/27.5 - 2014

Trek's Slash 7 650B is made for gravity riders who aren't afraid of a… [more]

  Trek Domane 4.3 Disc
Trek Domane 4.3 Disc - 2015

Trek's Domane 4.3 Disc offers up unmatched ride quality, comfort and… [more]

  Trek Crockett 9
Trek Crockett 9 - 2015

Trek enlisted the multiple World Cup-winning Katie Compton to design the… [more]

Trek 8.2 DS (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek 8.2 DS (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Return to the simple joy of cycling with Trek's 8.2 DS. This go-anywhere… [more]

  Trek Rig (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek Rig (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Trek designer Gary Fisher helped start our beloved sport on a singlespeed… [more]

  Trek Fuel EX 6
Trek Fuel EX 6 - 2014

Trek's Fuel EX 6 maximizes your off-road fun! With its super-efficient… [more]

Trek Domane 5.2 C
Trek Domane 5.2 C - 2014

Trek's Domane 5 Series was developed for Fabian Cancellara to crush the… [more]

  Trek Cronus CX Ultimate (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek Cronus CX Ultimate (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Trek's Cronus CX Ultimate is a unique bike from a unique bike guru, Gary… [more]

  Trek Lexa C - Women's
Trek Lexa C - Women's - 2014

Trek's Lexa is designed from the ground up for women so it fits perfectly… [more]

Trek 7.5 FX
Trek 7.5 FX - 2014

Fast and comfortable, you get the best of both worlds with Trek's 7.5 FX!… [more]

  Trek District 8
Trek District 8 - 2015

Trek's District 8 is beauty simplified. The classic steel frame, the… [more]


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