Trek Bicycles!

Trek 7.2 FX - 2014

You'll enjoy yourself and get in shape, on Trek's sporty 7.2 FX. This… [more]

Trek Slash 8 - 2013

Do you climb up to get down? Then Trek's Slash 8 was made with your riding… [more]

Trek Mt. Track 200 - Girl's - 2014

Your little princess loves Trek's Girl's Mt. Track 200 as much as you do.… [more]

Trek Madone 7.9 - 2014

The absolute pinnacle of aerodynamics, weight, technology, performance and… [more]

Trek Madone 5.2 C - 2013

Trek's Madone 5 Series is a feature-packed, race-ready platform with an… [more]

Trek MT 60 - Boys - 2014

Trek's MT 60 is prepared to take your youngster anywhere! It boasts Trek's… [more]

Trek 1.2 T - 2014

Trek's 1.2 is a shining example of trickle-down technology. The heart and… [more]

Trek Superfly Pro SL (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013

If you were an XC race bike, what would you be? You'd be made from Trek's… [more]

Trek Lush - Women's - 2013

When Trek's Lush, the trail, and you are all flowing in harmony, it's easy… [more]

Trek Lexa SL T - Women's - 2013

Trek's Lexa SL T is the perfect choice for enjoying all your road rides… [more]

Trek Domane 5.9 C - 2013

Trek's Domane 5 Series was developed for Fabian Cancellara to crush the… [more]

Trek Domane 5.9 C RED - 2014

From the cobbles of old world Europe to the forgotten roads around your… [more]

Trek 1.2 C - 2014

Trek's 1.2 Compact is a shining example of trickle-down technology. The… [more]

Trek Superfly Comp (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013

Trek's Superfly Comp is all about speed. This full-carbon beauty sets the… [more]

Trek Superfly 9.8 (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

If you were an XC race bike, what would you be? You'd be made from Trek's… [more]

Trek Madone 6.2 - 2014

Trek's Madone 6 Series is race-bike royalty with an aero advantage. Hand… [more]

Trek Superfly FS 8 (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Simply put, Trek's Superfly FS 8 is an XC rocket. Its aluminum frame is… [more]

Trek 7.4 FX Disc - 2014

Light. Sporty. Lively. Trek's 7.4 FX Disc is perfect for getting in shape,… [more]

Trek Neko SL WSD (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014

Trek's Neko SL is fast, capable and fun everywhere. From the streets to… [more]

Trek 7.7 FX - 2013

Trek's 7.7 FX delivers unparalleled versatility that rockets along roads,… [more]


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