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Trek Skye S - Women's
Trek Skye S - Women's - 2015

Whether it’s for getting around town, recreation or pure pleasure, Trek's… [more]

  Trek Emonda SL 6
Trek Emonda SL 6 - 2015

When the road tilts towards the sky, Trek's 16.3-pound Emonda SL 6 reacts… [more]

  Trek Verve 3 WSD - Women's
Trek Verve 3 WSD - Women's - 2015

Trek's Verve 3 WSD is a super-plush ride no matter where you choose to… [more]

Trek Fuel EX 5 29
Trek Fuel EX 5 29 - 2016

Trek took the excellent weight, efficiency and ride of the Fuel EX, hit… [more]

  Trek Emonda ALR 5
Trek Emonda ALR 5 - 2016

Trek rewrote the rule book with their Emonda ALR 5. Fast, light, and… [more]

  Trek 8.6 DS
Trek 8.6 DS - 2014

Get from point A to point B faster on Trek's 8.6 DS. The DS's Gold… [more]

Trek Shift 2
Trek Shift 2 - 2015

Trek's Shift 2 lets you enjoy scenic streets and fun trails in luxurious… [more]

  Trek 920 Disc
Trek 920 Disc - 2015

Expand beyond the roads on your next bicycle tour. Trek's 920 features a… [more]

  Trek Fuel EX 9.9 27.5 Di2
Trek Fuel EX 9.9 27.5 Di2 - 2015

Take your trail riding to the next level aboard Trek's unbelievable… [more]

Trek Emonda SL 6 WSD - Women's
Trek Emonda SL 6 WSD - Women's - 2015

When the road tilts towards the sky, Trek's 16.45-pound Emonda SL 6 WSD… [more]

  Trek Lync 5
Trek Lync 5 - 2015

Trek's Lync 5 gives you everything you need to ditch the car and ride a… [more]

  Trek Domane 4.1 C
Trek Domane 4.1 C - 2015

Gravel rides, pothole-strewn roads, centuries, whatever your pleasure,… [more]

Trek Skye SL Disc - Women's
Trek Skye SL Disc - Women's - 2016

Trek's Skye SL is perfect for trail riding, commuting, running errands and… [more]

  Trek Neko SL WSD - Women's
Trek Neko SL WSD - Women's - 2015

Trek's Neko SL is fast, capable and fun everywhere. From the streets to… [more]

  Trek Emonda ALR 6
Trek Emonda ALR 6 - 2016

Trek's Emonda ALR 6 is a premium aluminum machine that pushed the… [more]

Trek CrossRip Elite
Trek CrossRip Elite - 2015

Trek's CrossRip Elite is the one bike that truly does it all. This machine… [more]

  Trek Domane 2.3 C
Trek Domane 2.3 C - 2015

Trek's Domane 2.3 proudly features Trek's race-winning IsoSpeed technology… [more]

  Trek X-Caliber 7
Trek X-Caliber 7 - 2015

Trek has been doing 29ers quite awhile, so they know and a thing or two… [more]

Trek Skye 26 - Women's
Trek Skye 26 - Women's - 2015/2016

Trek's Skye is a fun, all-around bike ready for adventure. It has Trek's… [more]

  Trek Silque SLX - Women's
Trek Silque SLX - Women's

Experience the luxurious ride quality and effortless speed of Trek's… [more]


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